stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

  • I didn’t watch the State of the Union speech, for the first time in I don’t know how long. I didn’t watch it after the fact. I also didn’t watch the responses. How could I pass on such a night of vibrant political debate? It was easy, actually…and I was safe in knowing the night would only move politicians further apart—making government less, not more, effective. I read and watched some analysis from all sides of the aisle–and it appears I was right.
  • I was assigned and tested on the reading of 10 State of the Union speeches for an A.P. History class in High School. The most recent was Bill Clinton’s from that year. The earliest was the first ever by George Washington. My observation then was as it is now—the speeches in more recent times tend to be about the President, rather than the country. They are more, “State of the President,” speeches. The responses tend to be “Why the President stinks,” speeches.
  • An interesting read…this brief coverage of George Washington’s first State of the Union speech.
  • The way I see it, if you are over 35 and have no crow’s feet near around your eye area—you haven’t laughed enough.
  • Apple made more money last quarter than any company has ever made in any quarter in history. Good for them.
  • I read an article that said they have enough cash on hand to give each American just shy of $600. I’d rather they just cut the ridiculous prices they charge by a bit. I’m personally out of the Apple ecosystem (finally), but some of my friends are such shills for Apple they won’t even hold another company’s devices.
  • That, I don’t get.
  • These three things are hard to find: An honest bank, an honest mechanic, and a personable and thorough doctor.
  • Let’s add another—a cheap, honest handy man.
  • When it comes to churches, which three attributes are hardest to find these days?
  • Randy Armstrong has been my closest friend and confidant in ministry for the past seven years and is transitioning from New Vintage to pursue God’s call on his life to preach. I’m behind him 100%.
  • Churches are not plantations. People should feel free to follow such callings—and to do it above-board. However, in each case when I’ve tried to do so throughout the years, the “board” beneath me was set ablaze. I wonder what the impact would be if all churches saw their staff as Missionaries in Residence rather than property or contractors. I know many, if not most, churches have a healthy view of pastors. Nevertheless, when there is an unhealthy theology of the clergy and Kingdom—the repercussions for life together are enormous.
  • Ephesians 4 suggests to me pastors are gifts to the church for ministry equipping the Body, not commodities to be traded or replaced like oranges or pork bellies.
  • The most intellectually dishonest thing we do these days is say if you don’t acknowledge a certain behavior or belief as equally valid, you are guilty of “hate.”
  • My oldest daughter, Anna, returns from 6th grade camp this afternoon. That week was one of the most fun I can remember—and it was so, twice. I got to go twice because I switched schools in the middle of my 6th grade year. #forthewin
  • I’ve learned I highly prefer a busy schedule to a lighter schedule. I prefer a sprint/stop rhythm to a lengthy, light jog.
  • The best task management apps I’ve seen are Todoist and Nozbe. Nozbe gets the nod.
  • Evernote vs. OneNote is still up for grabs…I’m still an Evernote guy for the time being, but my grip is loosening.
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up. You’re welcome for the heads up, fellas.
  • Happy Birthday to my mom, who turned 64 yesterday!
  • It’s better to say you won’t do something than to say you’ll do it but not follow through.
  • The warmth of your church is set by the vibe…not by how aggressively you follow up or slide tackle guests who are there for the first time. They are asking, “Does this seem like a friendly place?” more than they are asking, “Who came up and talked to me?” However, saying hello and followup do matter. I’m suggesting it isn’t the most important thing people use to gage “warmth.” It’s something that’s sensed, not done.

What’s on your mind this morning?