stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning:

  • The NFL season is underway. I enjoy watching football, but I LOVE fantasy football season. Yep, I’m that big of a dork.
  • Having said that, I would take watching a baseball game over an NFL game, live.
  • And I’d take a college football game over an NFL game, live.
  • But man, did Seattle look good last night. I wouldn’t want to be left in the open field with the task of bringing down Marshawn Lynch if anything substantial depended on it. That dude if fierce.
  • Just because that’s the way it’s always been doesn’t mean that’s the way it has to be.
  • The ISIS crisis (nice rhyme) is getting serious enough, the world may need to begin to treat it as they did Hitler. Whenever you have a person or movement without genuine regard for human life and committed to world domination, they must be taken seriously.
  • The greatest “felt” blessing ministry offers is the proximity God grants us to life change. Watching him change people in such dramatic ways leaves me astounded and keeps my vision for ministry clear.
  • The hardest thing to endure in ministry may be the loss of investing yourself so deeply in people, and watch them leave the church for reasons comparatively small.
  • You know how bald got to be “in?” When do man-guts get to be “in?”
  • I’ve been reminded lately that we don’t really know people until we actually get to know them, and until we’ve seen them in times of adversity.
  • People who love to point out the church’s flaws and the negative impact they leave on society should consider what society might be like without the church. This is of course doesn’t excuse everything a Christian or unfaithful church does. However, it provides some honest perspective to our cyncism. If you think society is bad now, remove Christ, Christians and churches. Whatever the wattage, Christianity is clearly net salt and light. Now let’s take it higher.
  • Only fools think they can lead out of crisis marketing. “We have to do this, or else…” is always less convincing than holding up something inspiring and saying, “Wouldn’t you like to see more of that?”
  • When it comes to mobilizing people for causes, vision beats need every time.
  • This, of course, doesn’t mean one should never speak of need. A need is a need. However, there are people who traffic in crises as a means to achieving their own ends. From a church perspective, there is a difference between, “No one will join our church if we don’t…” and a more redemptive, vision-based way of understanding the issues at hand. I wonder if we might get further on many of the big issues of our day with fewer scare tactics and more vision. Fear doesn’t inspire people to change. Vision does.
  • If you doubt this, ask yourself how long we’ve been telling people smoking will kill you?
  • I can’t recommend Steven Pressfield’s books, The War of Art and Do the Work more highly to anyone involved in producing anything creative.
  • Don’t you think burgers grilled over charcoal taste a little better than those made on gas grills?
  • It’s been a down year for Hollywood films. But, I can’t wait to see the screen adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken.

What’s on your mind this Friday?