stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

  • I’ve been on vacation for a bit, hence my lack of regularity in posting. Thanks for your patience. All systems are a go on Monday.
  • I’ve been in New York City recently, and will reaffirm my affection for it publicly. What a great city! It’s bustling and busy and full of art, good food and mediocre sports.
  • The new Yankee Stadium is nice, but it isn’t close to Petco Park in San Diego in nearly any category of ballpark evaluation. Unless, of course, you count the presence of World Series championships 🙂
  • We saw two musicals on Broadway while in New York: A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder (this year’s Tony Award winner for Best Musical), and Jersey Boys.
  • A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder was hilarious. I don’t find much funny on Broadway. The Producers was funny, Avenue Q was funny, and Spamalot was funny. A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder was REALLY funny. In fact, it was kind of a farce. But, what an enjoyable farce it was.
  • Jersey Boys flat out left me stunned. I loved virtually everything about it—especially the music…oh, the music. I also enjoyed getting inside the story of the Four Seasons.
  • My top three musicals of all time: Chicago, Jersey Boys, and the Producers–with Jersey Boys and Chicago a close one and two. What are yours?
  • Emily and I had a chance to visit the new 9/11 museum in New York City. Wow, what a stirring place—and what a marvelous job New York did a marvelous job putting it together in such an artistic and thoughtful way.
  • The part I can’t get out of my head are the voice mail messages I heard from people on the airplanes or in the World Trade Center after the planes hit. You can hear them by the dozens if not hundreds.
  • You can even listen to the black box recording of the Shanksville, Pennsylvania flight. If there is anything you’d be interested in knowing about that day, you can find it there. It feels like an open book to walk through.
  • Cracker Barrel is a really big deal to this Californian. Chicken and Dumplings with those biscuits…mmmmm… If you’ve never heard of Cracker Barrel, take the red pill and come to the light.
  • This past week I said In ‘N Out was a better value, but that Five Guys had a better burger overall. My fellow Californians went looking for rope, but the honest admitted the truth. Leave your preference, if you have one, in the comments section. Oh, and Whataburger lovers…just stay home. Don’t even try.
  • Don’t look now, but the San Diego Padres have arisen like Lazarus after stinking from death, and are now approaching .500!
  • Book recommendations: The War of Art and Do the Work by Steven Pressfield. And, Think Like a Freak by Stephen Dubner and Stevin Levitt.
  • Oh, Robin Williams. What an absolute shame. I’m thankful it has brought about some needed reflection on depression in general, and encouraged us to deal with the pain within rather than letting it lead us to despair.
  • Whenever something like this happens, I’m tempted to leave social media all together as to avoid what I know is coming: a storm of emotion expressing little more than that. In that storm will be assorted thunder and lightning of quips, quotes, tirades, soliloquies, jibber-jabber, and interesting personal stories.
  • And then…someone will politicize it. Then, the discussion decays into ideological warfare.
  • The irony with suicide is that we know so little about it. Anyone who has much experience with it or has studied it from a scholarly point of view knows this. Most of what I’ve read online since Robin Williams’ death has reinforced the fact we don’t know much about it.
  • This I do know as one who has entered the wake of several suicides (both attempted and successful) as a pastor or friend of the deceased: it’s never the answer.
  • Ever.

What’s on your mind this morning?