Annas first day Monday was Anna's first day of Kindergarten. As a proud dad I had to drop at least one pic and tell you that she LOVES Reidy Creek Elementary and her teacher Mrs. Illich. The kids have been through a whirlwind of a summer and lots of change lately. And, on the whole, they've handled it like champs. Even now, they are still sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor until we get their beds out of boxes.

So, now I'm a proud parent of Reidy Creek Coyote. Olivia will begin attending a Christian preschool that I bet she'll love as well. Other than not having internet access (this is Blackberry), life is about as smooth as it could be.

Starting Tuesday, September 2, I'll be back into blogging all the way. I'll have net access at the house and office. God is good.