00016880 It's finally time for me to defend my doctoral Project Thesis at ACU. Lord willing, I will on Monday morning in Abilene. If successful, I will graduate as Dr. Tim on August 6th.

People continue their education for a variety of reasons. For me, it's always been about the journey—trying to become a more effective practitioner of ministry…not the diploma. Having said that…the diploma will be nice, should I get one.

I feel good about the project I've completed..and it's potential to be a blessing to churches. It focuses on the spiritual formation of generosity. When it's finished, I'll put some of the findings on the blog.

I enjoyed all of my classes…but particularly the doctoral seminars on Spiritual Formation (Dr. Wray and Dr. Childers), Theology of Culture (Fred Aquino) and Church Leadership (Dr. Siburt). David Fleer's Preaching to Contemporary Needs class was great, and so was Worship with Doctors Reese and Johnson. The program was really a joy to be a part of. I'll miss the learning of the classroom, but plan to keep growing as best I can.

I would appreciate your prayers…and I'll let you know how it goes…unless it doesn't go very well 🙂 Also, pray for Doctors Wray, Childers and Siburt—that the Lord would grant them great compassion for this humble student 🙂