Fantasy Football is Coming

I’m well aware that many people find fantasy football to be a game for losers. It probably is…and that’s why I love it! Highland Oaks has a fantasy football league, and it is a blast. On the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, the elders conference room turns into a draft room. The walls are covered with draft boards, and we spend the next 5+ hours drafting as though we were Walsh, Shanahan, or Belicheck. I have lost in the final two out of the last three years. My team name… "The Smashmouth Preachers."

We have 14 teams in the HOFFL this year (though we could have a lot more). I have the second pick. An offer has been made for the pick – the number 5. Should I take it? And who should I pick in each slot? Cowboys fans—spare me the laughter of hearing Tony Romo, or Marion Barber. T.O. will probably be the first Cowgirl taken. Probably end of second first of third.

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Football is Coming

  1. Just be careful of Larry Johnson. He hasn’t signed yet. I’ve always found it better to take what I have. Those pre-draft trades USUALLY don’t work out for the team that is being offered. (It’s the old “trick up the sleeve”). Randy

  2. Tim, even if a trade looks good with the Sackers, it never is. He could give you Peyton Manning for Jon Kitna and Manning will go down lame. It’s the Sacker curse. So, stick with your pick and pick Steven Jackson (unless of course LT is available). Don’t make me upset with you and trade. You will regret it and I will heap humiliation on you.
    Just a thought from a former victim of the Sackers!