These days, the Dallas Mavericks continue to lose close games. They have a new point guard, and are trying to get the new system down…and they’ve played all the elite teams in the West to the wire…but lost.

If you listen to the papers, and to the sports-talk guys, you’d think the Mavericks were the Minnesota T-Wolves. You’d think that they had been killed by the Lakers on Sunday…when a missed Jason Kidd free throw kept it from double OT.

When the Cowboys lost…and I have no love for them…they finished a 13-3 season, and actually got a first round bye…an improvement over last year.

"All that matters is Super Bowls.:"

"All that  matters is championships."

Is that true?

They are better, for sure. But are they all that matter?

Is it better to cheat and win Super Bowls–or Home Run titles, or come up short honestly. Winning with honesty is best…but if that weren’t an option, what do we lift up as a society?

What is true failure?