ESV Study Bible
I've waited a long time now for the ESV Study Bible to come out. I finally have a copy and have toyed with it enough to say that it has lived up to the hype.

The best things about it are:

  • This study bible sets a new standard for maps and diagrams…especially in-text maps. They are often 3-D, color, and placed in the text in such a way that they are extremely helpful.
  • The articles on various aspects of theology, ethics, attributes of God, etc., are outstanding…on target and accessible to the average churchgoer.
  • Each book introduction contains a section outlining how the book fits into the history of Salvation…and Scripture as a whole. I love this. I will help readers get the gist of the book, but also keep them from reading it in isolation.


There are many more things to commend the ESV Study Bible. If I could add some constructive feedback, it might be:
  • The ESV Study Bible is fat. Not P. H. phat. FAT. This is a serious bible that will not fit easily into the ole' laptop case. While I understand that it is a STUDY bible that has lots of help, this one almost too big. I have the hardback now, and I anticipate leather will be thinner.
  • I wish it had a bit more space in the margins for note-taking.  

  On the whole, it's a welcome contribution to the world of Study Bibles.