Here are some random thoughts at the end of the week…

1. It seems that revisionist history is well at work Anna Nichole Smith’s legacy is being remembered. Death has a way of rose-tinting people’s lives.

2. Laughter makes life better…especially the kind that isn’t over something crude or at someone else’s expense. I think Christians should be laughers.

3. Dirk for MVP. Not only are his numbers better than Nash’s, he’s had to play in all games, and has achieved his numbers even after being benched for large portions of games the Mavs have run away with.

4. Dallas is a weird city. Despite the fact that the Mavericks have the best record in the NBA, all we talk about is the Cowboys.

5. Babel is up for best picture. I’ve actually seen all of the movies that are nominated this year (except for Letters from Iwo Jima), and Babel would rank third of four, behind The Queen and the Departed. Babel will probably win because it has a number of anti-Bush policy undertones. The movie board in the Angelika Film Center in Dallas (where I saw the movie) actually admitted that the movie was intended for such a purpose. That’s when I knew…Babel would be a winner at the Oscars. It was billed as the international version of "Crash." But, it is nowhere near as good. If you choose to see Babel…brace yourself for some bizarre nude scenes that will catch you off guard.

6. This year’s best actor nominees are all awesome. I’ll pull for Forest Whitaker. And, for the record…Leonardo DiCaprio has proven to the world that he’s a legit actor…not just a pretty face. The dude can act.

7. Best Actress – Helen Mirren. The Queen was awesome…and has some of the best insights on leadership any film has given us since "Glory."

8. On Friday morning, I heard T.D. Jakes preach. He’s the best communicator in the world. Period.

9. Spring is here! While I know the Bible says that hell will be a hot place…I tend to picture hell as eternally cold. So, we may find out that in fact, hell is Greenland.