stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this week:

  • People always view 1 John as a simple, easy read about loving one another. This time through, I’m struck by how black and white his theology is. Light/Dark, Love/Hate, etc. It rubs me just a bit the wrong way as a supposedly enlightened 21st century Westerner. Maybe I need to reconsider my views.
  • I love California, but our state agencies are terribly cumbersome and enormously expensive to do business with. That’s a rather generous way of putting it.
  • I spent 4 days as Mr. Mom with my girls last week. Enjoyable, but a chaotic and nerve-fraying experience. I didn’t set the house on fire and no major injuries were reported.
  • USC’s football team is driving me crazy this year. Looking forward to next year when we’re allowed to get back to the BCS championship game.
  • The Red Sox collapse has to be up there with…the ’86 World Series 😉 My colleague and homie D.J. Iverson tweeted, “Somewhere Bill Buckner is trying to hold back a huge grin. #Karma.” Nice.
  • The encouraging word of a Brother or Sister in Christ remains one of the most simple yet powerful weapons against Satan.
  • Can you imagine how much energy and spiritual power would be released if all churches actually loved and supported one another?
  • If you miss Satan or believe he may not really exist–start a new church. He’ll make himself known. Then…God will show up even stronger.
  • Physical health may be the most neglected part of most pastors’ lives.
  • The NFL has to be loving this. They avert their strike and the NBA isn’t going to play for a long time–giving them the nation’s undivided sports attention.
  • For the first time I can remember, I have no real desire to read. It takes real discipline for me these days. I need to figure out why that is.
  • After a few weeks of the season–I’m thinking a San Diego vs. Green Bay Super Bowl. Homer call–maybe. Maybe not.
  • The new NIV Study Bible is coming out in a couple of weeks. I’m eager to see what they’ve done with it.
  • Never underestimate the power or relevancy of Scripture. No matter how highly I think of it, I’m probably underestimating it.
  • At the same time, I need to always keep the Word Made Flesh, of whom the Scriptures testify, the centerpiece of our church and theology.
  • I need a haircut.
Lastly, I’ve had a hard time not watching this video of a dad in Taiwan dropping his daughter to catch a foul ball. His wife’s glare is priceless.

Tell me what’s on your mind, and have a blessed weekend!