Blast from the past…here is a new installation of the end of the week stream of consciousness.

  • Poor Britney Spears. To have your kids taken away by a California judge and have them given to the father (a virtual impossibility in California), I fear, might be the death blow to her. I hope she can find a way to rebound. She’s still just a kid….
  • College Football Rankings by Tim…USC1, LSU2, CAL3, everyone else.

  • The State Fair of Texas is underway. This year’s new feature…the human cannonball. The new food item…fried cookie dough. Just reading that took a year off your life.

  • I’ve learned that I’m getting old in many harsh ways. The most recent…difficult lying in bed watching evening shows without falling asleep…

  • The Office is off to a good start this year…it’s the funniest show on TV.

  • The biggest racket on the planet is the car repair business. A colleague has pointed out that he can’t leave an auto shop without spending at least a thousand dollars.

  • Very quietly, the NBA season is creeping upon us. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for the chants of "FIX" "CHEATER" or the like to be hurled at referees. The over/under is about 2 minutes into the first quarter of game one.

Blessing till Sunday,