Fs058034Well, I’m at the point of the trip that I’m really missing Em and the kiddos…and getting tired of working. A poem came to mind…one that I’ve always found "Bob Handyish" (not the guy at Highland Oaks–the guy from SNL and the New Yorker. I turn to former Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. He put it better than I ever could.


know the parlor trick.
wrap your arms around your own body
and from the
back it looks like
someone is embracing you
her hands grasping your
her fingernails teasing your neck
from the front it is another
you never looked so alone
your crossed elbows and screwy grin
could be waiting for a tailor
to fit you with a straight jacket
one that
would hold you really tight.

Actually…it’s not quite that bad…but, the Good news is…Em is coming to join me in just a few hours!!!!!