This past Sunday morning, I preached on the healing of the man by the pool of Bethesda (John 5). I suggested that there are many Christians that live their lives like Eeyore (looking distinguished on the left). Eeyore is a chronic pouter and moper.

Some Christians absolutely channel Eeyore.

There are some who are simply spiritual and emotional
hypochondriacs. They view the world as a movie starring them—and this movie is
a tragedy. The soundtrack is written and performed by Johnny Cash.

Below is a quote from Sunday’s sermon. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on whether more Christians are like Eeyore, or more Christians are unsympathetic to the needs of the hurting. It seems to me that a case can be made either way. The quote below addresses the idea that I believe John 5 addresses. Keep in mind that this is an excerpt, not the whole sermon (which had plenty of warnings against excesses).

"One of the reasons so few people know that Jesus has the
power to heal is because when they encounter Christians, they aren’t walking
around with their mats over their shoulder saying, “I’ve been healed.” Instead,
they encounter them laying by the pool moaning.

"For some of
you, Jesus has walked up to you, asking, “Do you want to get well every Sunday
morning at 10 o’clock for years.” It’s time to receive the healing of Jesus
who says, “Pick up your mat and walk.” No more  Eeyore. Be healed!

 Christian churches are supposed to
imitate Jesus, not the pool. They are not communities or places people come to lay down and
moan indefinitely. The church is where Jesus is alive and working among his
people in a ministry of healing, declaring, “pick up your mat and walk.”