This year at HOCC, we are having four Easter assemblies in the fellowship hall, with 2 Easter Egg Hunts. (7, 8:30, 10, 11:30…and 10, 11:30 respectively).

Wild…but tremendously exciting.

I look forward to it, because I know that many people who haven’t been to church in a long time…perhaps ever will be there, and our folks get a huge spiritual boost on that day because of the reminder that Christ is risen. Four services back to back to back to back is a tall order, but I’m ready to roll…and so is the praise team.

That’s what inspires me… volunteers choosing to serve for four straight services. That’s inspiring. People coming to the 7am service, greeting at the 8:30, and working the egg hunts at 10 and 11:30. Awesome. There are other things these disciples could do with their Easter Sundays…and they choose to serve so that others might receive. Awesome.