As I type, it’s 11:06…right between the 3rd and 4th service on Easter Sunday. I just heard that  the Highland Oaks Iglesia de Cristo had record attendance this morning (132).

Praise God! Praise him for the resurrection, which gives me all the energy to preach four services and then some. I feel pretty good right now. I wonder how the praise team is feeling after their third service.

I and those involved in the various ministries shared communion this morning before the 7:00am service and chose to one-cup it. I don’t know if I’d want to one cup it with 2,000, but with 10…it was a wonderfully powerful experience. Well, it’s time to go down and preach resurrection…then it’ll be time to preach Sabbath through action. Nap time commences at roughly 2pm…followed by Easter dinner with Em’s side of the family.

Praise the Lord.