Easter was a great day at Highland Oaks. It was also one of the more interesting, because it was the first time that we worshiped as a multi-campus church. We had roughly 2500 in attendance at all services. We are thankful that the Lord drew so many to worship him, especially considering that Easter fell during Spring Break this year. It was a great blessing. We continue to pray that God will bring those who came as seekers back, and that God will lead them all the way home to him.

I’m reading a book by Rowan Williams, entitled, Tokens of Trust: and Introduction to Christian Belief. In it are some things that have shed absolutely new light for me on aspects of theology. Also, there are some things that make me pause and wonder…is he right? One such comment is about the church.

"One of the simplest possible definitions of the Church is to say that
it is meant to be the place where Jesus is visibly active in the world.
And once we have said that, we can turn it around and say that where
Jesus is visibly active, something very like the Church must be going
on. [p. 128]"

Is there anything missing, or does this pretty much sum it up?