Peter and Praise Team Yesterday was a terrific day at NCCC…as I'm sure it was for many churches. We're still hashing out the numbers, but it looks like they'll settle in at about 1400, which for NCCC, is really exciting. It's our largest attendance since Vision Sunday on 1/31, which drew 1,009.

TTim Preachinghere were a lot of blessings to yesterday. Here are just a few:

  • I never get tired of preaching the resurrection. Easter sermons can be challenging because you're preaching/planning around a story people have heard a lot. But, the story itself never gets old. We used the metaphor of art…to convey Jesus as God's masterpiece and we as His new canvases–hence the colered picture frames in the background, and the two canvases you can't see in these pictures–one blank and one on which I attempted to paint my own self-portrait during the sermon (I'm a terrible artist). The ideas of yesterday were: Jesus is God's masterpiece; through Christ's death God purchased every canvas; resurrection from crucifixion shows God can make a masterpiece of any canvas; God asks us to put the brush in His hand).
  • My baby daughter Norah (2 weeks old), worshiped with us for the first time 🙂
  • The praise team sounded fantastic yesterday and the singing was great.
  • Our Spanish-speaking ministry set a new attendance record yesterday, with nearly 400 worshipers.

NCCC Egg Hunt This picture of the egg hunt doesn't begin to capture the size of the crowd, or it's diversity. It was in Grape Day Park, which is adjacent to the Center for the Arts–where we worshiped. Dozens saw saw an egg hunt going on and simply came and joined in. Very cool.

Ministers know that Easter is one of those days that takes a lot of energy, but gives more energy than it takes. It not only recenters our ministry in the resurrection, it renews our vision of what the local church can become. To all those who served Christ on Easter Sunday, thank you. To all churches everywhere who gave God your best, thank you. To all who were guests yesterday…see you Sunday.