The Barna Group has released a new study of the impact of recent economic events on giving and other behaviors. Click here to read the report. In summary, it says people have dramatically downsized their giving throughout the recent economic events–in some cases regardless of any real economic impact to them personally.

In their interpretation of the study, David Kinnaman writes:

“It is true that many Americans are living on less due to salary reductions, furlows, loss of jobs, or the inability to get a position that matched a previous salary. These are difficult circumstances for anyone to face and could have legitimate influence on donations. However, most of the Barna indicators focus less on the amount of dollars donated and more on the underlying attitudes and generosity of Americans. Most Americans think of their giving as secondary to their survival. Yet, from a biblical perspective, generosity should be part of Christians’ fundamental response to the downturn.” 

Do you agree with him? If not, why?