Well, Michael Vick is in a bit of hot water again. This time, he’s charged with operating a dog fighting operation, and animal cruelty (and, when you read the indictment, it’s cruel).

Honestly, I’ve never put a ton of thought into what I thought about animal rights–probably because I’ve spent the bulk of my life in Southern California, where animals are treated better than humans, and Texas–where animals….well….you know.

I believe that God wants us to live in harmony with his creation. I believe that God allows us to eat meat. The very fact that vegetables taste the way they do makes me think that he actually prefers that we eat meat.

And, I’m pretty sure that God wouldn’t like dog-fighting rings, or the torture of animals. But, he also gives humankind dominion over the earth, and asks for animal sacrifices, etc.

I’m not a big "rights" guy. But, I’m sure that if animals have rights, the right to not be electrocuted, hung, or beaten to death is among them. So, say it ain’t so Michael.

In the mean time, I’m gonna get my arm warmed up…I here there’s an opening at QB in Atlanta.