stained glass

The minister’s sub-conscious is a powerful thing. Our ministry often reflects, subtly, what we really think of our church.

Churches that thrive have ministers who love and like the church they serve. When talking with church leaders about how to help their church reverse a decline, sharpen focus, or re-vision for greater impact–the first step is often a simple one: God must change their attitude to where they like (not just love) the church.

When you like the church, comparisons stop. When you like the church, power issues in leadership dissipate. Energy is freed up and ministers are more effective. Most importantly, God is pleased with our attitudes.

When you like the church, the church can tell. When you don’t…well, they can tell that, too. Oh…and so can those checking your church out. If you don’t like your church, they won’t either. I can virtually guarantee it.

Think long and hard about this question: Do you love, and like your church?

Question: Do you like your church? Why?

If the honest answer is, “not really,” what can you do to grow your attitude or initiate positive change?