I do.

That’s a rarer-than-it-should-be blessing in ministry. While it’s possible to serve the Lord with people you don’t really like, it’s rare that such a ministry partnership yields the best results. Even if you get equal results working with people you didn’t like–why would you want to do it that way? You’ll work twice as hard, and enjoy it half as much to get those results.

If you don’t like who you work with–work at it. Work on your attitude. Laugh more. Get to know them better. If you are part of the hiring process…ask yourself if you (or anyone else) will like them–not only whether or not they can do the work. This doesn’t mean they need to be good looking, charming, or have life totally put together.

What I mean is…do you enjoy their company?

If you don’t, you’ll avoid work that involves them. Your ministry will be siloed from theirs whenever possible. You won’t go the extra mile or advocate for one another. When a wrong occurs, you will be less likely to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Even if you work not to let this happen–it’ll happen anyway, subconsciously. We are relational beings and ministry is relational–even at “the office.”