In a sense, one does not "ditch" worship. Worship isn’t a place…and it doesn’t happen only at a place. Nevertheless, in another sense, one can ditch worship by removing God from his rightful place at the center of one’s heart and life. This usually (though not always) leads to ditching of the assembly of God’s people.

There are a number of reasons that people decide not to "go to church" on a given Sunday. Sin in one’s life. A need to "circle the wagons" after a life trauma. Avoiding someone difficult. A day at the lake.

Those who preceded us in the faith…even the angels, envy our position of having the barriers between God destroyed by Christ’s once for all sacrifice. Yet, it seems that worship is something that ranks somewhere in the middle of most Christian families’ value systems. Not all, obviously. But many. Whatever happened to Psalms 84:10?

"Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere."

Is there a remedy for the spiritual sickness that causes people to relegate worship to least among our most cherished habits. Where did this sickness come from? How do we keep God as our heart’s deepest desire?