Ideology Map A new Gallup poll released this week showed that those labeling themselves "Conservative" now outnumber those identifying themselves as "Liberals" in all 50 states…though 3 states fall within the margin of error. What's interesting to me is that Conservatives outnumber Liberals in all 50 states–even New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and other stereotypically "liberal" states. Only Washington D.C. claims a higher number of self-described Liberals over Conservatives.

Gallup's analysis of it's poll suggests that conservatism is on the rise, as the percentages of people labeling themselves as conservative is the highest since 2004. It should be noted that these delineations are different than party identification–and that moderates seem to be the ones determining elections these days.

I'm interested in this apparent shift and it's implications for the church. Is this good, bad, ugly, or irrelevant for the Church?

Of course, appropriate dialogue only please 🙂

Click below to see the poll and Gallup's analysis:

Political Ideology: "Conservative" Label Prevails in the South
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