David Cook

Props to David Cook for winning last night. America got it absolutely right this year…except that Carly should have lasted longer than Jason Castro. Good times…

Back with a more thoughtful post tomorrow. Today, we'll leave it at this…unless some of you actually think Archuleta should of won…please…

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One thought on “David Cook

  1. It was a toss up for me. I honestly thought that Archuleta WAS going to win, because of the tweener girl fanbase. Cook probably did “deserve” to win based on the chances he took. But, I was interested to see a high school aged male win this thing for once.
    Our DVR cut off right when Seacrest said “the winner of American Idol is . . . . David . . .(would you like to delete this recording?). No joke. I think it happend to thousands of folks. It was funny that Seacrest’s mouth was in the shape of “ARRRR” when it froze. So we assumed that Archuleta won. But then the web told us differently.
    Now we’ll see who sells more records. Depends on the producers.