A prayer from Ray Hardin, my dear friend nearing the finish line of his race. Blessings to you this Lord's Day. May it be a day of experiencing the nourishment of God's truth and presence.


Dare We?

You, O Lord our God, have the answer to our

every question.  You know and reveal all truth.

Dare we ask you?  Could we handle the truth?  How

should we feel if your explanations don’t match our

expectations?  What if your truth is vastly bigger

and more inclusive than we counted on?  Dare we hear?


And you invite us to take long sips—gulps—of your

thirst-quenching water.  With only the promise

that this Spirit-libation will become self-perpetuating.

Ending for all time in some mysterious

way our deepest longing to know, to feel, to become.

Dare we take the cup from your hand?


Soften our hearts, Lord.  Give us a courage we’ve not

known before.  Deepen our trust.  Enliven our

confidence and faith in you as the changeless

provider who leads us into change;  the loving

creator who keeps on re-making us in your image.

Tell us the truth, Lord.  Give us a refreshing drink.