Continuing our discussion of daily Bible reading, Here are the five things I have found helpful to me in my daily walk with the Bible. These are mostly in addition to what was said in yesterday’s post.

  1. Use the right translation. Make sure that it fits your preferred devotional reading level, and that you buy into the translation philosophy…so that when you read passages that make you go, Hmmm…you don’t worry about whether or not the translator’s might be pulling one over on you.
  2. Read Scripture first, other Christian stuff only afterward. Scripture is the most important thing you’ll read, and the only inspired thing you’ll read. Let it take the lead and inform what else you read. It enriches your other readings, too.
  3. Underline and write in the margins. This will help you to slow down and digest what you’re reading. It’s interesting to read back through later and see what hit you the last time you read that particular text.
  4. Read Scripture in conjunction with other Spiritual Disciplines like prayer, worship, fasting, giving, etc. Spiritual growth is interdisciplinary in nature.
  5. Read all of the Bible--not just the familiar or fun parts…and not just the New Testament!!!! It’s absolutely astonishing to read what God has revealed of himself in Scripture. Read it all. You’ll find yourself learning of and experiencing God in ways you never dreamed.