Consistency is one of the world’s most underrated virtues.

There is something wonderful about knowing what to expect each and every time you do something. I don’t know whether a flight that I’m taking will be late taking off or not. I don’t know if the flight crew will be rude or not. I don’t know. There are certain restaurants I go to… and I know the food will be terrific, the service impeccable, and the ambiance soothing. There are other places I go where it’s a real crap shoot.

There was a man who played in the outfield for the Milwaukee Brewers in the 80’s and briefly in the 90’s. His name was Rob Deer. He led the Major Leagues in strikeouts nearly every year he played. His average rarely, if ever, cracked .240. His slumps were atrocious–1 for 57 with 30+ strikeouts. But, he also hit 40+ home runs each year.

Here’s a question. Would you rather have Rob Deer, who can hit the long ball, and give you the big score…or would you rather have the guy who hits a lot of singles and bats .300, but doesn’t hit many home runs?

I’ll take that guy.

One thing ministers and churches should strive for is consistency. A lot can be changed if there is a qualitative consistency to ministry. Admittedly, "quality" is hard to define. But, we know it when we see it.

Today’s question? What things should churches be consistent at? (That was a bad sentence…)