I got the new Carrie Underwood album yesterday and have started listening to it. Here’s what I love about her…her albums are consistent. They are the kind of album that you can put on your IPOD and let it play. There aren’t songs that are so bad you have to move past them or risk committing suicide.

Hootie and the Blowfish are like that. Creedence Clearwater Revival. Led Zeppelin. The Eagles.

The greatest albums of all time, and the greatest groups of all time are consistent. So are the great preachers. There are some guys that I have never heard give a klunker. They may not hit a ton of home runs, but they hit at least a double every time they preach. I love that.
That is what I would like to do…be consistent in preaching, and more importantly, in discipleship.

Consistent…like Hootie…

Who are some of the models of consistency that you see around you. I’ll get us started… Tiger Woods…and Hootie…