Last week, I and some friends from HOCC attended one of Leadership Network’s learning communities on church multiplication. Those gatherings are awesome. The people you are learning with are really, really, sharp. The fellowship is rich, and the takeaways are great.

The most amazing thing I was blessed to pick up along the way was how communities are being transformed through the use of "positive deviant" methodologies…a new way of helping people groups solve real social/health/financial problems. This requires much less funding, and is much more organic in nature…allowing native peoples to solve the most important issues of their city or village in ways that are far more contextualized. It’s transforming the community from within, not from outside. Beautiful…. here’s an article that speaks of how the method was used to solve the problem of malnutrition among children in a Vietnamese village. A truly amazing story.

Click here to read it.

Click here to watch a video on how this methodology was used to eradicate guinea worm disease overseas. BE FOREWARNED…don’t watch this if you just ate spaghetti…or any meal for that matter.

Here’s the question…what are the possible implications of this way of going about community transformation for "benevolence" ministry here in the United States?