If there is another part of Christian worship more overstated and understated than Communion, I don’t know what it is. For some, Communion is a boring ritual that must be taken because God commanded that Christians do it.

For others…Communion is the sum total of Christian worship. I know of more than one church that were started with the goal of centering the assembly on Communion–removing many of the other expressions of worship to make way for it. These churches have had numerous struggles, probably because the spiritual life of such a church lacks breadth.

The sermon series I am preaching right now, Remember: Experiencing God’s Blessing of Communion, has so far been a joy to preach…and, a joy to prepare for (far more rare). What I’m finding is…I could preach a 12-week series on Communion without nearly exhausting the subject. It is a far more mysterious and wonderful thing than I’ve ever known. Then again, so are most matters of the Spirit. God’s mercies are new every morning, and so are His mysteries.