Man, I wish I had read this before I ended the sermon series on Communion at Highland Oaks. Words of wisdom from the great Erwin McManus:

When you experience genuine communion, you begin to cry
out, "Come, union." Not only "come, union" between God and you, but
"come, union" between you and all of God’s people. And you begin to
realize why you need to worship in community. When you connect to God
and his fire consumes you, you cry out, "Come, union. God, I want to
know you and experience you and be in you and enveloped by you,
consumed by you." You cry out, "Come, union. God, I want to see the
unity that can only happen as you bring people together through
forgiveness and mercy and compassion and tenderness."

And when you are consumed by God, you understand why
God seeks and saves that which is lost, why God yearns for those who
are created in his image and likeness to worship him. You understand
the pain and anguish in the heart of God that those who were created by
him do not know him. You begin to cry out "come, union" for all those
who are outside God’s presence and God’s love, that they would come
into union with him and with each other.