Tonight is the Mavs home opener. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond this season after pulling off two of arguably the biggest choke jobs in NBA history in consecutive seasons. My hunch? It’ll be like it never happened.

Professional athletes have a short memory when it comes to failing. When it comes to life, I wonder if having a short memory of one’s failings is better or worse?

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3 thoughts on “Comebacks

  1. Oh yes, having a short memory of one’s failings in life is a good thing. Absolutely.
    This season the Mavs will go all the way to the NBA championship. This time, though, we will win it!
    Go Mavs!

  2. I worked for years to develop and utilize a short memory of my feelings. Now that ancient.hood has arrived, I can’t remember how I felt only a short time ago. And, trust me, that is good. rtrr

  3. Not a bad night I might say. 73 in the first half is never bad. I think they showed that even with lineup changes, they are still the Mavericks. They are possibly even a little deeper team than last year. That being said, it is “Maverick” to choke in the post season and we have NO way of knowing until we get there.
    I also have a new man crush, J.J. Barera. That guy was hitting threes last night ala Steve Kerr. Who is he to score 25 points in his second ever NBA start after having a rather productive game the night before? His height (a dwarf at 6’0″), speed, ability to get inside or hit from beyond the line, and his manuverability also invoked a few memories of Steve Nash.
    Go Mavs.