The Christian Chronicle is running a series of stories on the tepid growth of Churches of Christ since the beginning of the Reagan era.

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The Chronicle is a great blessing to my life and ministry. They find a way to address challenging topics in ways that are respectful and honest toward all sides of issues. This in an of itself sets them apart in todays media.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on this subject. To the left is a map of the U.S. The dark green states have experienced a decline in CofC membership since 1980. The olive-colored states have seen an increase. Texans shouldn’t get too excited…Jerusalem has experienced only 2% growth despite the general population growing 65.9% over the same time period. D.C., California, and (gasp) Tennessee are also areas of deep concern here. There are also some unlikely heroes in the mix–Nevada, Wisconsin, North/South Carolina, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Minnesota and Mississippi–though the numbers in these states make the gains somewhat less numerically significant.