Churches of Christ are known for many things. Raging parties aren’t among them. Tonight though, there was a reception–which is the Church of Christ version of the toga party. It involves eating and talking loudly.

We talked and considered theology long into the night. I knew it was getting out of hand, though, when the instruments came out. A very well known preacher and an up-and-comer played the coolest ragtime version of "Walkin on Heaven’s Road" on the piano and acoustic guitar respectively.

The climax…a distinguished scholar and his wife ballroom dancing to the ragtime playing of the preachers. This was not a weird dream…I promise.

When asked about whether such liturgical dance with one’s wife was appropriate, the distinguished scholar responded, "There was nothing liturgical about it…it was purely sensual." I about died from laughter.

Sorry… I can’t name names. We born and raised CofCers know…what happens in Abilene stays in Abilene.

Toga…toga…toga… or we might say… tweed jackets…tweed jackets…tweed jackets…

Seriously, It really was awesome…I had an absolute blast.