It’s happening…already. I’m getting a fairly steady stream of mail from both left and right (mostly from the right), and even some church members asking me and our church for either an endorsement, or to preach on political topics of interest.

In California, some people wonder if you can be a Republican and a Christian. In Texas, people wonder how a person can be a Christian and a Democrat. Obviously, this is a generalization, and there are both in each. The truth is that I have seen Christ-hearted, thoughtful people endorse the basic platforms of both parties for different reasons…that spring from their Christian convictions. Most of the time, the difference in Christian voting patterns has to do with how passionately they feel about specific issues, and, even more often…disagreements on policy.

For instance, GENERALLY not equally, all Christians (and I do mean all) understand the gospel’s call to care for and love the poor. They do not agree on how to do that. All Christians value human life. They don’t see eye to eye on the implications of such a belief…whether it comes to the abortion debate or war policy.

I realize that some will disagree with the generalizations above. That’s fine. My question is this…how do we help Christians understand one another better and head into the election year peaceably rather than saddled on a war-donkey or war-elephant?