Childless in Orlando

Emily and I are in Orlando, Florida, for a conference. Jesus
forgot one beatitude: “Blessed are
grandparents who watch little children while their parents are away, for theirs
is the kingdom of heaven.”

It’s not that we don’t love our kids and miss
being with them. It’s that we love being with each other a lot as well. All
parents need some regular time to simply be with each other. Yesterday, we flew
in, picked up the car, checked in, ate and slept. Last night, we went to
Citywalk and ate at the Hard Rock Café and then came back and watched a movie
in the room. We are getting old. Eating and sleeping. Eating and sleeping, with
good conversation while awake. Simple, but wonderful.

Today, things pick up
pace wise, as the conference begins. I’ll post the “big idea” of the day from Orlando. In the mean
time, we’re about 6 Sundays away (Lord willing) from being able to worship in
the auditorium again. Much of the work on the outside of the HOCC facility is
set to begin soon. Exciting times!

Dr. Tim Spivey is Pastor of New Vintage Church in Escondido, California. He is the author of numerous articles and one book, "Jesus: The Powerful Servant." A sought after speaker for events, Tim also serves as Adjunct Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University. Tim serves as a church consultant, and his writings are featured on numerous websites, including:, Church Executive magazine, Faith Village, Sermon Central, and Giving Rocket.

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