Empathy Isn’t Theology

"The Struggle is Real" Is Not Theology

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When confronted with a clash between what one believes and what one feels experientially, it is increasingly common to hear someone respond, “I use to believe that, until I met a…”, “Why don’t you get to know a…before you…,“ or, “We don’t have any right to say that if we haven’t walked in their shoes.” Such […]

How Envy Becomes Respect

Getting Past Envy of Other Pastors


A number of years ago, I sat in an Applebee’s with a fellow minister in our area. It was a typical pastor-lunch-share what’s going on kind of thing. Both of us were considered to be “up and comers.” We were close in age and even among well-meaning men who love the Lord, competition can crop up subtly. His preaching/teaching gifts were ahead of my own, but our church was growing faster than theirs.

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 146

Featuring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Why the World is Becoming more Religious

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Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: If I could play one musical instrument, I think I might pick the drums. I decided to grab a copy of the new ESV Journaling Bible—Interleaved Edition. When open, it has one page of text on one side, and an entire blank page on the other. It is […]