We Owe Single People an Apology

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We owe single people an apology…and a change. We’ve meant well, but we’ve been wrong. Single people are a treasure to the church and deserve equal status with those of us who are married and/or with children. Not all, but many churches pass them over for leadership opportunities, staff hires, or key roles of service […]

The Church is a Zoo

San Diego Zoo Map

Building on my last post: Why do the people who thrive spiritually at your church thrive? This is the habitat question. There are three ways to find out. 1) Guess, 2) Educated guess, 3) Ask them. Three seems the most logical except that many people don’t know themselves why they are thriving. So, let me encourage you […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 110

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning: Last week, four people were baptized into Christ at NVC. I never get tired of baptisms. Sports Talk Radio is becoming more and more like listening to political talk radio. Piers Morgan was canceled. Who could have seen that coming? Most people. An 11-year-old girl shot and […]