Too Busy to Be Prayed For

Time in hands

I need all the prayers I can get. All of us do. Someday, I’d love it if the Lord gave me a glimpse of how much of the blessings in my life were the results of answered prayers of His people. I try to lift others up in prayer regularly. I believe in the power […]

I Want to Get Sick

the great physician

“I want to get sick so I can be in the hospital,” said my daughter Olivia in the car on the drive home one day. She was only about 7 at the time, but that quote sticks with me. We usually assume everyone who is sick (emotionally, physically, spiritually) wants to be well. We pastor […]

We Owe Single People an Apology

ball of paper

We owe single people an apology…and a change. We’ve meant well, but we’ve been wrong. Single people are a treasure to the church and deserve equal status with those of us who are married and/or with children. Not all, but many churches pass them over for leadership opportunities, staff hires, or key roles of service […]