Leadership is a Precious Resource

walk with christ

Whether we like it or not, what happens at “the top” (I really hate that phrase) of our churches or organizations will determine their paths more than anything else. God often, if not typically, works through leadership. When leadership is good—it’s awesome. When it’s bad, it’s really bad. A simple study of the books of […]

You Can’t Fool Your Mind


Most of us have a psychic RAM that tries to remind us of the various things we have to do. In my former life I was a memory giant. I knew what I was supposed to do at what time, what projects I was working on, and what strategies needed to be implemented. It was […]

Beating the Obstacle Course with a Smile

Obstacle course

Why do we get so disappointed when things go poorly? I know why…we want them to go well. However, they will never always go well. We know this. Ministry is sometimes a cruise, sometime feels like a game (in the sense of having fun), sometimes a war, and often an obstacle course. Obstacle courses are what they […]