For those of you who grew up in the Churches of Christ, 728b needs no explanation. For those of you who didn’t, it is the song book number of a famous CofC hymn: "Our God, He is Alive." Someone had to do this…and I love it! A buddy of mineContinue Reading

The following prayer is a New Year’s prayer spoken by a friend of mine in an HOCC Bible Class…I hope you find it to be a blessing. At Year End   We remember now, Lord, our year gone by— a year of loss of separation of disappointment. A year ofContinue Reading

It’s the time of year when people start rolling out their best of 2006 lists. Here’s mine: LaDanian Tomlinson Katherine McPhee LeBron James 24 USC vs. Texas (Despite the outcome) Crash – the movie Coffee and books at Borders Emily, Anna, and Olivia The hot tub at the gym afterContinue Reading