Friday Stream of Consciousness – 134

Featuring the Chargers, Marco Rubio, and Paperbacks

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: The San Diego Chargers are heading to Los Angeles…at least it certainly appears that way. That will leave me with a football quandary. Do I return to the Denver Broncos (the wife of my youth—who I divorced when they fired Mike Shanahan), or do I stick with the […]

Take Australia First

Start somewhere, not everywhere.

Risk Board

When playing the board game RISK, always…always…take Australia first. Then, hold it. Then, take one or two more countries per turn from there. Then get a card. You’ll win the game every time. But, it begins with Australia. Why? It’s easy to take, easy to hold, and a guaranteed two armies for the rest of […]

Stop Worrying About Millennials

Each generation has enough trouble of its own.

let it go

Each generation has enough trouble of its own. Everyone is buzzing this morning over the new Pew Research study that suggests Millennials are continuing to leave Christianity for the ranks of the “nones” (the religiously unaffiliated). A closer look at the data shows the bulk of the slide has occurred within Mainline Christian denominations and […]