Friday Stream of Consciousness – 136

Featuring: Jenner, Buffett, and Junipero Serra

stream of consciousness

Here’s what I’m thinking about this morning: Most people think of finance when they think of Warren Buffett. Rightfully so. He is the greatest investor in the history of the world. Here’s an interesting fact and a couple of quotes worth thinking about from Getting There: a Book of Mentors. Buffett was turned down to […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 135

Featuring a Fainting Couch, FIFA, and Fondue

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: Some of us really need to get over being offended about everything, every day, every hour. I think society might be better off if we strived not only to avoid offending one another…but we strived not to be offendable. Who knows—we might get somewhere and be a much […]

Take Australia First

Start somewhere, not everywhere.

Risk Board

When playing the board game RISK, always…always…take Australia first. Then, hold it. Then, take one or two more countries per turn from there. Then get a card. You’ll win the game every time. But, it begins with Australia. Why? It’s easy to take, easy to hold, and a guaranteed two armies for the rest of […]