Sun Tzu said, “Opportunities multiply as their are seized.” I’ve found it to be true. The problem is opportunities are not always easy to recognize. Opportunity often wears the clothes of obstacle. Thus, many people (and their churches) see obstacles as just that. They don’t see hidden opportunities that nearly every obstacle brings.

As I reflect on more than twenty years of ministry, I can see how nearly every obstacle I’ve faced provided equal opportunities to adjust, to tweak, to add, to subtract, to grow deeper in Christ. God doesn’t just help us survive obstacles. He opens doors of opportunity that multiply when we recognize and walk through them.

The first step in recognizing opportunity is looking for it. We have a harder time recognizing something we don’t believe exists. It’s easy to think Jesus is the gardener when we aren’t considering the possibility He has risen (John 20:15). If you don’t think your church can do X or will ever consider Y…ask the odd question, “Am I right, or cynical?” Then, if you’re right, ask what opportunities that provides. They are there, if you have eyes to see.

How do we recognize ministry opportunities and seize them? That’ll be the subject of my class this year at Pepperdine University’s Harbor 2019. It’ll be a 2-day class, during which I will teach you everything I know about recognizing and realizing ministry opportunities, and I hope you’ll consider joining. Click here for more information and to register.