Leap Day February 29

Leap Day February 29Today is Leap Day! Nothing is special about today except it happens every four years. Unique days that actually matter (unlike February 29) are important to recognize. They offer opportunities for growing in ministry.

Some of this growth happens at the church level by making the most of special days, like:

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • Anniversaries – the day your church started, the day you met in your current facility for the first time.
  • Important birthdays and funeral days.

Other opportunities to grow come at the personal level. Taking time to capture the unique days is really important, though we often only get the chance to do so in hindsight. When you get home from a gathering and sense something truly special happened–notice it. Write it down. Reflect on it.

Recently at New Vintage Church we had an assembly that was unusually moving, despite the fact that we were “off.” The sermon didn’t come out like I’d hoped, we were short a member of the band, we had sound problems, etc. But, the day turned out to be one of enormous spiritual power. Why? It was miraculous.

I could just give thanks for such a day and move on. However, I would waste the opportunity to glean lessons from that day: that while God can use humans in significant ways, He doesn’t need them to get His will accomplished and that even our best laid plans are not what wins the day–it’s God’s Spirit at work. These are things I know rationally, but need to relearn constantly. Unique days help me relearn and if necessary, repent.

Don’t keep going so quickly you forget to capture the unique days–the days when someone comes to Christ, the days when God breaks out among you, the days when you feel his power pour through you from the pulpit unusually, and the days when you feel like you failed.

These are the leap days of faith. They come around more often than every four years. They really are important. Ask:

What just happened?

Why did it happen?

What can I learn from it?

And then, offer your raw thoughts and heart before the  Lord in prayer.

Capture the unique days, for they are among ministry’s most able teachers.