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Beginning Friday evening, I will have the opportunity to share a weekend with a group of college students from Pepperdine learning about Jesus. The Pepperdine Campus Ministry Retreat was an event that fed me spiritually over my time there, and one that makes me wonder why adults so rarely do a retreat.

It also makes me appreciative for Campus Ministers, who are among the most unrecognized ministers in the country even while they work during some of the most formative years for the next generation of Christian leaders.

To Scott Lambert, Linda Truschke, Rick Rowland, the late Dan Anders, Ken Durham, Rich and Sandy Dawson, and a host of professors and staff at Pepperdine that together helped make me who I am…thank you. If you have a student in college somewhere, consider writing an encouragement note to the Campus Minister.

I also hope that those who hire faculty in Christian colleges take into account the care the professors have for the spiritual and emotional well being of students…for they function as "lay" Campus Ministers as well.

Who played a big role in your spiritual development during college?