After more than two months of having wonderful conversations with several different churches, Emily and I are thrilled to announce that I have accepted the position of Senior Minister for the North County Church of Christ in Escondido, California. Some of you (especially my fellow Texans) may not know where Escondido is. It's a suburb of San Diego.

The North County Church is a progressive, wonderfully diverse congregation of 700 that is poised to reach people for Christ in a big way. In addition to having one of the largest Spanish-speaking ministries among Churches of Christ in the United States, NCCC is one of the truly outreach-oriented churches I've encountered, remaining committed to reaching people for Christ in the 16-39 year-old age group. There is a healthy spiritual intensity to NCCC that, when  coupled with strong leadership and strategic wisdom, can lead NCCC to reach people…and lots of them…for years to come. Keep your eye on NCCC…God's going to do some great stuff.

California is the most populated and most influential state in the union, and yet, one of the most underresourced in the church world today. Some of the nation's best churches, ministers, and most talented Christian people reside in California, but it remains underresourced–not unlike Asia in the global missions arena. It's a great honor for me to return to my homeland, Southern California, to offer whatever I can for God's glory.

Not only is NCCC a terrific church, Escondido is a wonderful community. In fact, The North County San Diego area is a beautiful place and a terrific place to raise kids. It is perennially listed among Money magazines 100 best places to live. Anna, our oldest will start kindergarten in Escondido a week from this morning. We move this week.

My first day in the office will be September 2. My first Sunday in the pulpit will be September 14. 

To answer some of the questions I've been getting from some of you on and off-line, the blog will most definitely continue. Sermons should be online at NCCC soon…as soon as the web site gets a facelift (underway). Give it a few days to get set up, but after that, you can reach me at Those of you who come to the National Pastor's Convention each year, look us up. If you have friends in the area that are looking for or need a church home, send them our way. And, thanks to all of you who have provided the Spiveys with such amazing love and encouragement through an extremely difficult time. God is great, and his people are good.

Now, the work begins. Good work. Holy work. Exciting work. What a blessing!

San diego