Well, it’s Sayonara for Melinda. We all know it should have been Blake. Melinda was the most consistent performer throughout the season. But, she lacked a little "it" factor, and was sent packing. Melinda will cut an album, and it’ll sell…and we’ll see where it goes from there.

I think Jordin has a HUGE career in front of her. She fits nicely into the vacancy left behind by the sober Whitney Houston. Melinda may fit the Tina Turner/Fantasia niche…her voice is superior to either of them. Blake…well…I think he sounds best when he sings Sting or Maroon 5. But, I don’t know that Mr. Blake has a huge career ahead. But, he’s a cool guy with some originality…so hopefully that will count for something.

Jordin will take next week by a 65-35 margin…and I’ll be able to go to sleep knowing that the best person won.

Last year, I thought it we were looking at a Daughtry/McPhee finale…and we got Taylor Hicks…so anything can happen.