Bye Bye Melinda

Well, it’s Sayonara for Melinda. We all know it should have been Blake. Melinda was the most consistent performer throughout the season. But, she lacked a little "it" factor, and was sent packing. Melinda will cut an album, and it’ll sell…and we’ll see where it goes from there.

I think Jordin has a HUGE career in front of her. She fits nicely into the vacancy left behind by the sober Whitney Houston. Melinda may fit the Tina Turner/Fantasia niche…her voice is superior to either of them. Blake…well…I think he sounds best when he sings Sting or Maroon 5. But, I don’t know that Mr. Blake has a huge career ahead. But, he’s a cool guy with some originality…so hopefully that will count for something.

Jordin will take next week by a 65-35 margin…and I’ll be able to go to sleep knowing that the best person won.

Last year, I thought it we were looking at a Daughtry/McPhee finale…and we got Taylor Hicks…so anything can happen.

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2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Melinda

  1. I’m way behind on my blog reading so this is a little late. I know you like Jordan, but, I think she should have gone. Sorry! 🙂 Yes, Melinda is most definitely the most talented singer, and yes, Jordan has a great voice, but she has no personality when she sings, no entertainment. That’s what makes people like Blake so much. No, he may not be the best singer of the competition, but he entertains and I do like his still of singing. Melinda was fabulous and she also entertained. She felt the music. She should have won, but I think it will be Blake now!

  2. You know, Justin Timberlake doesn’t have the best voice, but he’s a top-selling artist for a few reasons.
    – He knows how to use what little voice he has.
    – He’s got a pretty good dose of creativity
    – And he gets good producers to help him out
    – (oh yeah, and it helps he can dance really well.)
    So, I’d say don’t count Blake out in the long run. We all know that winning this contest doesn’t really mean Jack Squat in a music career. Reuben and Taylor are evidence of that. Clay’s album sales blew Reuben’s away by about double.
    I’d say creating likeability over the course of the contest and then finally cranking out some great tunes with good producers will set someone up for a pretty good career.
    Make sure you watch On the Lot next week. I’ll tell you why later.