This week, I’m going to spend some time reflecting on books I’ve read recently (over the last couple of months). I hope you find it helpful.

Reading is one of life’s greatest joys. If you have the time, give me one book you’ve read that I absolutely have to read before Jesus comes. I’m always scouring for good books to read, and some of you are voracious readers and writers.

FYI, My second book is due out sometime this fall. Jesus: The Word Made Flesh is part of College Press’ 3:16 series. It will be some material taken from the Changed series I preached at Highland Oaks, along with a number of brand new chapters, never before heard or preached.

If the Lord has gifted you to write, please do. Ministry through the written word is one of the most powerful ways to bring a blessing to people’s lives. Even if you don’t feel like God has gifted you to write…try it anyways. The process of doing it is well worth the work.