If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I don’t often take a person to task. I might stick up for someone (like Britany Spears, etc.), but I tend to prefer happier commentaries on society. Today will be an exception.

I can’t believe Bobby Petrino. For those who are unaware, Bobby Petrino resigned as coach of the Atlanta Falcons to take the Head Coach position at the University of Arkansas after only 13 games as head coach–where he racked up a 3-10 record. It isn’t that he would leave to take another job. It’s that he would tell Arthur Blank (the Falcons owner) on the day that Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison, and announce it publicly the next day.

If I’m a Falcons player, I’m bitter, if not furious. I played my hardest and sacrificed a lot for him, and he didn’t appear to give me an honest effort in return. He walked out in our darkest moment…and coached us through a trampling on Monday Night Football knowing he would have press conference the next day announcing his taking of the Arkansas job. Ouch.

I’m not Bobby Petrino. Maybe there were things going on behind the scenes in Falconland that I’m unaware of. They are his mocassins, not mine. But, from where I sit…I would be looking to transfer out of Arkansas if I were a player. I need to know my coach is really in it with me…and that he’ll be there when things are good, bad, or ugly. For anyone who has played team sports, what Petrino did is unfathomable. Even if he’d waited until the end of the season…but the day Michael Vick goes to prison? Come on!

Also, props to Long Beach Poly High School (my alma mater) for winning another CIF football championship…soon some college may grab Raul Lara (their head coach)…maybe Bobby Petrino will be available.