Cakes.34_birthday_raanan_1_01-09-04 Today, I'm 34, and I have some sort of plague (in it's earliest stages). I'd like to watch everything on my DVR machine while I sip coffee by the fireplace all day, but, I have some work I must do today. But, come on, it's my birthday. So, I've compromised with myself. I've decided to procrastinate for 30 minutes or so and post some birthday musings.

In the past year,

  • We lived our first full year in SoCal.
  • We found out Emily was pregnant with our third Spivelet.
  • I hiked Mt. Whitney.
  • The church world has been pretty good.
  • I still have dangling projects out there that I need to finish.
  • I know I'm getting older because now young preachers have started calling me for advice. I remember when I used to be a young preacher 🙂

Things I think about often these days:

  • Jesus
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Creation
  • According to my genogram, I may be mid-life (or close to it) right now.
  • So, how do I want to spend the remainder of my days?

The most enjoyable books I read last year:

  • Christian – Axiom, by Bill Hybels
  • Non-Fiction – The Yankee Years – Joe Torre and Tom Verducci
  • Fiction – The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao – Junot Diaz (depressing, but awesome)

The worst book I read last year: I won't name names 🙂

Funnest thing I did – Hiking Mt. Whitney with the guys.

Unfunnest thing I did – Hiking Mt. Whitney with the guys.

Hobbies a year ago: Following sports, golfing, and reading.

Hobbies today: Add hiking and beaching to the above.

Birthday wishes:

  • For my family: continued abundant life together.
  • For the church: continue growth and strength.
  • For America: Integrity to break out among it's leaders.
  • For me: a renewed clarity of life-mission and drive to fulfill it.

OK…procrastination over…to the work, to the work…